Friday, January 19, 2007


It's been a day or two since I've posted. I was just too beat to write one yesterday. Anyway it's been a slightly uneventful couple of days. However, today we finally introduced sweet potatos to my little sweet potato. He seemed to like it, although he has not been in very good space all day today. O, and making the sweet potatos.. much better this time. I had help from my mom, who kind of monitored me the whole time! LOL! But, there were no sweet potato catastrophes, so all is good.

Tonight the 3 of us drove up to the Edison area and met our friends Darryl and Janis for dinner at a 1/2 price sushi restaurant. Seriously. It said 1/2 price Sushi on the sign!! Anyway, it was a suprise to Janis and when they walked in the door, we were sitting there, and after she did a double take, she started crying. Hopefully they were tears of joy. I'm pretty sure they were. They scooped up Jason, and I really didn't hold him at all the rest of the night (which was fine by me!! I got to eat in peace!! and Janis got her baby-fix). It was a wonderful evening, and suprisingly, the 1/2 price sushi was quite good.

So, now the kid is in bed, the hubby is watching Monk downstairs, and I'm just taking a few minutes to chill out by myself upstairs in the office with the ligths off!!

Have a great weekend!

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Gretasmommy said...

So when does Jason get to try sushi?? Sorry it has taken me so long to post....I've been a bit busy! Greta thinks meeting her future boyfriend would be fun, but for him to be able to look into her eyes would require a midnight visit! So for now, give him our love and for all of our sakes start praying that she'll get her days & nights figured out soon!