Sunday, February 25, 2007

This time (11:00 pm, EST), 7 months ago, I was being wheeled down the hallway of Brick Hospital's Maternity floor to the OR for a slightly unscheduled turn of events. Apparently my bundle of joy had the same navigational sense that his mommy has: none!! Who knew that 41 minutes later I would hear music to my ears, "It's a boy!" that my life would at that moment, change forever. It was a good day. And really, they've been all good days since (with a few minor exceptions that had to do a lot with raging hormones!!). He is a joy, and so much fun. He is beginning to crawl (backwards) and is trying to pull himself up to a standing position. He has figured out how to scoot on his butt to go forward, and has less and less "face plants". He is eating solids 3 times a day, and has his first tooth. He's become quite anxious when he's in a room by himself, and looks to mommy and daddy when someone strange is talking to him. It's all good stuff, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I don't really know if anyone actually reads this blog, or if you do that you even care... but I have come to realize that writing this stuff out helps me to appreciate the joy that comes from the everyday-ness of being a parent. I hope that someone enjoys this blog, but even if you don't, it warms my heart to get to have this experience to write about. Love to all...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Doesn't this picture just say it all? I promise Greta's dad they are not on a date, but really, aren't they just adorable? This was at lunch on Tuesday... they both fell asleep during their respective short car rides to the restaurant, and stayed this way until their mommies were just about done eating! They woke each other up, and then played with the opposite mommy for a while!! So much fun. Again, not a date.

Life in Bay Head is pretty much the same as always. Jason is a joy as always, although he is getting quite mobile lately. He is crawling backwards, and can turn himself around. Although he gets a little frustrated because he goes for the toy in front of him, and can only move backwards! OK, so mommy gets a laugh, but he does NOT find it funny! The newest thing this week is attempting to pull himself up. Again, we will need to lower the crib matress as he is starting try to pull himself up with the railing. It's all happening so fast!

Well, this weekend Scott and I will finally be able to go on a real date! Mandi and Keiser will be watching Jason on Friday night while we go to dinner a movie. We haven't been to the movies since 2 weeks before Jason arrived. And, if you know anything about Scott and I, that is a REALLY long time to not go to the movies! On Saturday, I will have to work in PA at our Asian New Year Party for Adoptions From the Heart. Then on Sunday, Scott and I are off duty at St. Paul's and will worship at a church in Old Bridge. Later that day, Jason will go with his Linwood grandparents overnight while Scott and I attend a concert with another couple from the church. Good weekend. Can't wait!

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day. Love to you all!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

where do the days go?

This blogger thing is a lot harder to keep up than I thought! Here, another week has passed and I haven't hardly updated at all! This was a crazy little week... I'm a little sad that tomorrow already starts a new work week!

Jason is awesome as always, although his alter ego moved in this week, and along with that comes crying, whining, and screeches for unknown reasons. I sincerely hope it's teething, I'd hate to think he'd just scream for no reason! But we all have off weeks, and he's starting to come back around. We met the newest addition to Central Church in PPB last week. Baby Greta was adorable, and tiny, and asleep the whole time we were there. So as to not make her daddy mad, we will not refer to her as Jason's future girlfriend anymore, and just say that we are looking forward to many more play "meetings". Jason had a good time with all her toys that she hasn't quite figured out how to use yet! And mommy had a good time holding a newborn again!! Almost gets me thinking it's time for #2. But not yet! Just need to get a year under our belts at this parenting thing before we can think about #2!!

On Saturday, Jason attended his first McDonald's birthday party. It was a scene to behold. It was Bubba's 3rd birthday, and all the kids from his class were there. Yes, there were about 30 three-year-olds in a very tight space!!! (plus parents and other siblings!) And then Spider-Man showed up to Bubba's awe! Jason had his picture taken with Spidey, and didn't seem to mind at all!

On Greta's daddy's blog, in one of his first posts, he discussed how that now he was a dad, the Playland at McDonald's kind of skeeved him out with all the germs and nastiness that is the playland. Although Jason did not go on the playland toys, just being in the midst of the madness that was all around us, I wanted to go home and sanitize both of us!! I guess it's all part of this parenting thing, and how much more aware of germs you become. I sincerely hope this gets easier to deal with!!

Have a great week everyone!