Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Doesn't this picture just say it all? I promise Greta's dad they are not on a date, but really, aren't they just adorable? This was at lunch on Tuesday... they both fell asleep during their respective short car rides to the restaurant, and stayed this way until their mommies were just about done eating! They woke each other up, and then played with the opposite mommy for a while!! So much fun. Again, not a date.

Life in Bay Head is pretty much the same as always. Jason is a joy as always, although he is getting quite mobile lately. He is crawling backwards, and can turn himself around. Although he gets a little frustrated because he goes for the toy in front of him, and can only move backwards! OK, so mommy gets a laugh, but he does NOT find it funny! The newest thing this week is attempting to pull himself up. Again, we will need to lower the crib matress as he is starting try to pull himself up with the railing. It's all happening so fast!

Well, this weekend Scott and I will finally be able to go on a real date! Mandi and Keiser will be watching Jason on Friday night while we go to dinner a movie. We haven't been to the movies since 2 weeks before Jason arrived. And, if you know anything about Scott and I, that is a REALLY long time to not go to the movies! On Saturday, I will have to work in PA at our Asian New Year Party for Adoptions From the Heart. Then on Sunday, Scott and I are off duty at St. Paul's and will worship at a church in Old Bridge. Later that day, Jason will go with his Linwood grandparents overnight while Scott and I attend a concert with another couple from the church. Good weekend. Can't wait!

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day. Love to you all!

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Gretasmommy said...

They are darling together! Play dates are still dates right? Just don't tell Gretasdaddy I said so!
They are the cutest, if I do say so myself and we must have a double date again soon!