Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remember me?

I used to be this mama that would brag about her kids and her family endlessly on here. Not so much anymore. Johnson and Johnson had it right, having a baby changes Everything. Imagine if one baby changes everything, what TWO will do to you?? Life is good here in NJ. Ryan will one of these days get up and start walking as he is already pulling himself up. He's not crawling quite yet, but he's got the right idea of how it's done. For now, he'll roll where he wants to go! And no teeth yet. I don't think he's ever getting them. Which will save on braces later on, but he might get picked on at school ;-)

As for my man Jason, he's the epitome of 2 years old. Jeckyll and Hyde often appear in our home, especially around dinner time. But he's so darn cute, it's really the thing that keeps him alive at this point! He's talking up a storm, and his imagination is running wild. Often we're given "presents" that only he can see :)

I am better at keeping up on Facebook, so look for me there. I will edit this post tomorrow/this weekend with some new pictures! I don't know if anyone out there still reads this, but if you do, then this update is just for you :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

4 years

honeymoon in st. martin

and two kids.

Not bad numbers!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some randomness

Jason was apparently sharing his toys with Ryan while Ryan slept:

Our future quarterback (these were at his cousin Alex's football game in Point Pleasant Beach) SG1L4195

He loved the bleachers~ running back and forth ~ SG1L4183

And just a random pic of Jason with his favorite truck, Scoop. (Or "Foop" as Jason says!) SG1L4210

Two months

I don't think these need captions:



We went to the pedi on Friday, and our little monkey now weighs 11 lbs 8oz and is 21 1/2" long. For those of you doing the math, that's 3 pounds and an inch in 2 months. Eating is not an issue :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Captain Adorable

Really. Need anything else be said?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tis the season for... PUMPKINS!

I have a few friends that also use this blogger and they all have their pumpkin pictures up, so I figured I should do the same! :) So, without further ado, our day at Atlantic Farms in Manasquan:
On the hayride to the pumpkin patch:

Sadly, the only picture of the 4 of us. Ever.

He may have a future in the shotput:

Although he tried, this was not the pumpkin we came home with:

This pumpkin was much easier to carry :)

I'm not sure how in the world we got him to stay still long enough AND look at the camera to take this picture:

Jason's conclusion when he saw this: BIG

And this was Ryan throughout the majority of the excursion. Tough life.

Happy Fall everyone!