Friday, January 26, 2007

1/2 year

I'm such a bad mommy and did not post to announce my little guy's 1/2 birthday!! He was 6 months old yesterday, and I'm totally in awe of the joy and happiness that he has brought us. All day I kept announcing where I was at that particiular moment 6 months ago. Most of the time I was STILL in labor. But this time 6 months ago, they had just started to come in and wake me up so I could finally for real, meet my new little joy. My life was never the same from that point on. And I'm eternally thankful.
So, to celebrate his 6 month birthday, today we are headed to the pediatrician's for the 6 month check up. I don't believe that Jason will be much into celebrating , however. He will be getting another round of immunizations. Have I sung the praises of Baby Tylenol yet? Because, really, it's GOOD stuff. Before we go, though, Miss Mandi will be coming over to take AWESOME 6 month pictures (again, not JC Penney's) and then tonight Miss Mandi and Mr Keiser will be coming over for dinner and some game night. WOo-HOo!

The attached pictures are JC Penney's shots... Jason can make anything look good!! Have a great weekend!

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