Friday, January 12, 2007

Homemade Babyfood... not like Gerber makes it

So... today was quite an interesting day. Jason slept in, and then hardly napped at all, but really wasn't cranky. We went out to lunch with Peanette's mommy who was due to have her today, but the little peanette decided she liked where she was and stayed put. I offered to go to Chevy's or Surf Taco, but it was Atlanta Bread we went. We are all very anxious to meet Jason's girlfriend!! :-D

My little man is growing up so quick.. we saw a hint of a tooth today, with much drool and chomping down on his hand. He was quite the ham at lunch today, flirting with anyone that would look his way!

When we got home, I put him down for a nap (where he basically talked to the animals in his crib and slept for about 1/2 hour) and decided it was time to make some baby food. FIrst I made some oh, so lovely, pureed green beans. Jason had his first taste of green beans tonight, and he seemed to enjoy them. I kind of hid them in the rice cereal and milk, but he did not seem to object at all! I guess I have to let him grow up and eat like big people now!

After all that I then decided to make some sweet potatos. I peeled them, boiled them, chopped them, and pureed them. I had a half of blender full of orange puree and I was ready to pour it into the ice cube trays to freeze them. I picked up the container off the base of the blender, and the bottom of the container unattached itself, and there was orange puree all over me, the counter and the blender. I was not amused. At all. The entire mess went into the sink, I apparently had some left over hormone issues and started crying, cleaned up everything and left the house for a while. I got some groceries at the store, and came home and cooked dinner. I then decided I deserved a glass of wine for the babyfood fiasco. So, I got the corkscrew thing out, and started opening the wine, and somehow I pinched my thumb in the wine opener. At that point I gave up on everything, put a band-aid on my thumb, and went in the den and sat down and let Scott take care of the rest.

So, here i sit, typing this blog, the kid is in bed, i have a glass of wine next to me and i'm slowly powering down! Hope everyone had a good day... I'm glad it's almost over!! :D

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