Sunday, March 4, 2007


The title says it all. That is the world we have entered. We were so excited to finally feel his first tooth poke through his gums on the bottom a couple weeks ago. He was mildly, and I stress mildly, upset by the whole process, really not giving us any problems at all. Then, this weekend happened. Apparently, there is a tooth on the top that is fighting its way through the gumline. And by fighting, I mean making my poor little one miserable. Saturday was a cry fest. The only time he didn't cry was at Babies R Us, and I think that's b/c he knew that we were shopping for him! Seriously though, tears all day. In fact, I think he may have cried so much, that he unclogged the tear duct that has been blocked since birth!! I know it's part of life, and a rite of passage in a sense, but it just seems so cruel. He's such a good baby with little fussiness, so I know that this was a very tough weekend for him.

Now for Babies R Us. First of all, the store is wonderful and terrible at the same time. Anyone that has walked through the doors of this store knows what I'm talking about. Such great things for babies, so easy to break the bank. Our main purpose of this trip was to buy the big boy car seat for Scott's car (the one for mommy's car is on the way here!). Why must there be so many choices. Not just different brands, but different models withing the brands! Thankfully I had done some research, so it helped narrow down the choices (Evenflo Titan, if anyone is dying to know!) So, we get the car seat and the other non-necessary items that we just had to have and head over to the check-out. Now, I've heard stories about people giving out free, unwanted advice at grocery and other stores. I've never gotten it before, until of course, Saturday. If you have read the first paragraph of this blog, I explained the frustration that has been teething in our house. One thing I did not mention was that the binky seems to soothe him more than usual, I guess he is able to bite on it or something. Teething rings and such do not work for him. Anyway, we're in line at the check out and the person ringing us up says to my son in the sing-songy voice that all adults use when talking to a 7 month old "You're a big boy, you don't need that thing in your mouth"! Really? Would you like to come home and take care of my baby who is teething and crying over every little thing that happens. And by crying, I mean sobbing, snotty, tearful crying. I mean crying while eating (usually his favorite thing in the whole world to do) which then turns into pureed chicken and green beans being raspberried all over him, his high chair and me. And for some reason, I felt the need to defend his binky-ness to this complete stranger!!

Apparently I was much more angrier about this than I realized! I'm over it now, and my son is sleeping peacefully, and for the first time this weekend, is not sleeping in a Tylenol haze.

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