Tuesday, March 27, 2007

catching up

For the three of you that read this blog, my sincere apologies for not updating more often! It's busy these days with a super active 8 month old!! And seriously, 8 months!! Unbelievable! It seems that along with 8 months comes some serious independence. First, we decided that he can hold his own bottle. With no prompting from mommy, he just grabbed on to the bottle and that was that. And then, on Monday, he finally figured out 1st gear, and can move forward on his knees! Unfortunately, mommy and daddy were not here to witness it, but rather, grandma was. But he was more than willing to show off for us! And so now begins moving all things out of crawling height! The other interesting thing he has started doing is exploring his crib at night and nap time. It used to be that we would lay him down, and he would be pretty much in the same position that we left him in. Now, he's ALL over the crib! Vertical, horizontal, on his belly, on his side... every which way but the way we left him! He is incredibly adorable though when he's in the crazy positions. We've been having regular play dates, encounters, whatever, with Miss Eleanor and Greta. It's more that the mommies are chatting and pushing strollers while our little ones sleep or check out the world. That's all there is.... check out www.flicker.com/photos/karenbostwick for more cuteness that is Jason!

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Anonymous said...

He's getting cutter, the crib shot and the box on the head are PRICELESS!!!

Can't wait for 8 month photo shoot!

~ Proud to be blog reader #3