Monday, September 29, 2008


Yeah. That's me. Slacker. I've been very negligent in updating this blog. So, here is a mini-recap of the last 4 weeks or so:
1. Ryan turned 1 month old on Thursday the 25th. Wow.
2. Ryan was, well, um, "snipped" on the 23rd. He recovered nicely, and really only had one bad night.
3. Both boys are doing fabulously with each other. Jason loves to "help" and has only shown minimal sign of jealousy. Ryan is beginning to react to Jason's voice, and started smiling when he hears him near.
4. Jason has begun a new thing where he HATES to have his picture taken. Therefore, there are no school pictures this year for Jason, however, Ryan actually smiled for the camera man at school!!
5. Today is Scott's birthday, so wish him a happy day!!

And of course, some pictures for you:


Ms. Mandi said...

YAY slacker, we love you!!!

Eleanor said...

stop it with the cuteness. well not do owe us some shots on a daily basis. i can't believe how big they are! xoxo!