Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Happy Independence Day!

We had such a great day yesterday. We went to Uncle Doug and Aunt Sue's house after naptime. They have a great pool, but lately, Jason has had this fear of water (except bathtime). When we were walking out to the pool, he kept saying, "No water! No water!" and holding on to dear life to me. However, our nephews, Alex and Christian were in the pool, and there are about 4 or 5 balls in and around the pool. So, within a half hour of "No water no water!", Jason and Daddy had their bathing suits on and Jason was splashing around with the boys! After dinner, we all headed over to the local lake and listened a fun little band called "The Party Dolls" and watched fireworks. I was afraid Jason wouldn't like them b/c he gets a little freaked at loud noises. However, he LOVED them! Here are some pics from the day :)

OK Dad, I'm not too sure about this:

But there are balls, so I'll even put my whole face in the water to get them!

I like this so much, I think I"ll spash Daddy!

Pinwheels and pretzels. What else is there to life?

He would take the pinwheel to all of us and let us blow on it to make it spin.

Ahh... bear, binky, pinwheel, and fireworks. NOW, my life is complete.

Oh yeah, and a glow necklace. This scene occurred about 10 minutes into the ride home. He was an exhausted little monkey!

Thanks for looking!


Ms. Mandi said...

Great shots! I love the pinwheel. Looks like you are having fun without us...I thought we told you this was not allowed :)

Miss you.

Eleanor said...

i miss that little booger! he's getting so grown up...even if he still likes his binky at the end of the night (as does Gboo)! Too cute. And, your hair looks smashing by the by. Hope you are feeling well!