Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Day of "Firsts"

That looks like a funny word, doesn't it? Well, today was a day of many of them. My first OB appt, my first ultrasound, and Jason's first haircut!! It was a very good day.

My OB appt went well, he said everything seemed normal, and that my due date would be 8/17, and they would do a r-c/s the week before. He also said they would tie my tubes if I wanted. But I'm not too sure about that. That seems all to final for me. So, anyway, that would have put me around 8/11 having a c/s. Then I go to the u/s later in the afternoon. She had a hard time finding the little bugger, but we could see the little heart beat flickering! She measured me 2 weeks earlier, which put my due date at 9/1. I'm not so thrilled with that answer! So, we'll see what happens in the coming weeks. I go back in 2 weeks and talk to the doc some more about genetic testing and the bloodwork I had done today. I'm so all about 8/11 rather than 9/1!!!

In between the doctor appt and my u/s, we took Jason to get his first hair cut! As much as I adore his curls, it was getting really ratty looking. So, we took him for his haircut. And he did relatively well, only cried a little.

So, without further ado: some pictures for your enjoyment.

This is just a fun pic of my boys and little fur-child

And this is a good example of what he looked like before the hair cut today:

Hey! Whattya doin' to my hair?

I am not really happy with this!!

Oh? There's a balloon? Ok, you may proceed with the cutting.

I do NOT like this hot air on my head!!

Ah. I feel so much better! And, I can see now!! There's no hair in my face!

And finally: the new baby B. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there is not much to see. You can see the sac, and the some of the white cloudy part is the baby. 6 weeks


Ms. Mandi said...

Busy little saturday :)

Good job on baby B #1's haircut, I like that you left some length but now he won't be looking like a scrub! Haha.


keiser said...

THIS IS NOT OK WITH ME...THIS IS NOT OK WITH ME...oh, balloon? Was that Jason or Scott?

Greta's mommy said...

Gboo also had a haircut over Christmas....we had to try and shape the baby mullet up a bit!
Don't get too rattled by the ultrasound dating...they got us all messed up with the ultrasound dating thing. They even thought we might be miscarrying because the baby wasn't growing at the right rate. Wrong-o. She was perfect and her due date was just as I had calculated not as the first ultrasound indicated.
Such an exciting week!