Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's a busy little month

It's August. More so it's the last 2 weeks of August, and it's now that I've decided to jam in as much summer vacation as possible. Even though I've been on "vacation" since April! Anyway, our little family has had a lot going on. Jason got his first pair of walking shoes at Stride Rite. This was big happenings, and he loves his shoes! He actually sits still for me to put them on and he walks pretty well in them. My baby is now a "waddler". I was offered and accepted a part time position at Ocean Medical Center in Brick. I start on the 27th and am looking forward to getting back into the workforce. With that, comes daycare options for Jason. We're going tomorrow to visit a couple places, but we're hoping for an opening at the daycare at the hospital. Either way, he'll be at daycare 2 days a week and with Scott or my mom on the 3rd day. The other days he will be with me and I'm looking forward to hanging out with my little munchkin on those days :)

This past weekend we went to our friend's vacation home in the Pocono's. This place is absolutely beautiful. It's in the middle of nowhere (but yet in a small neighborhood, it's hard to explain). We so needed the weekend away from life in general. Our friend, Linda, loves to cook, so there was not usually more than hour in between servings of snacks/meals The only real bummer about the weekend was that is was really chilly up there. We had grand plans to spend a lot of time on their boat at the lake, but it was so cold, we couldn't get out there until Sunday afternoon. Even then we were all in sweatshirts and jeans! Jason had a great time though. He got a few bumps and bruises on his head from falling into various pieces of furniture, but he shook it off and kept on going!

We had a couple mommy playdates, one with Aunt Laurie and Timmy and the other with Miss Carla and Sarah, Matthew and Nathan. Jason and I are both exhausted, and are looking forward to a relaxing rest of the week.


Mrs. Hillman said...

loving the 'walking shoes'...can't wait to see him in them!!!

M (& K too)

The Keis said...

Would you please stop feeding your kid the cute pills...

Tyler said...

these pics are darling.....but I'm ready for an update! Halloween costume???? We miss y'all!
Eleanor, Tyler & Greta