Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25th, 2007- my baby is 1

I don't know how many people actually read this anymore since I'm not so good at keeping it up anymore. However, today of all days, seems so appropriate to add to this little blog 'o mine. Today, my baby turned one. Actually, he doesn't officially turn one until 11:41pm, but who's counting? All day today, I keep thinking back at different times of the day remembering that I was laying in bed watching the clock go hour by hour, and not ever dilate. But, I do remember that the day went really quickly, and before I knew it, I heard Dr. Morgan exclaim "It's a boy!". Although I first saw him over the blue tarp that was shielding the c-section that was happening, and I didn't get to hold him until I was out of recovery. From the first moment I saw him (albeit tired and drugged) he was beautiful. I really noticed how gorgeous he was when they brought him into me the next morning, when my head was a little clearer. Who knew that over the next year I would fall head over heels in love with a most wonderful, amazing and small creature! Although it was difficult in the beginning, we settled into a nice routine and got to know each other and fell in love as a family.

Which leads to today. This AM, he opened presents from us. A talk and play puppy, shape sorter and a Boyton book. He could have cared less about the toys, but loved the book! Scott had to work for a couple hours and then we were going to spend time as a family. The original plans were to go to the Point Pleasant boards for an event called Christmas in July. (When else could he get to sit on Santa's lap on his birthday?) However, he decided that he would sleep right through his birthday today. He took a good 2 hour nap in the AM and another 3+ hour nap in the afternoon! Since he didn't wake up until after 4pm (the event was from 11-3). We decided that it would still be a nice day to go up to the boardwalk. We went up to the boards and and he rode the carousel and the little train that goes around all the rides. We strolled on the boards for a bit and stopped into an arcade and got our picture taken in a photo booth! In this particular arcade they had one of those claw games that had stuffed Elmos. There was this one Elmo in the front (holding a block that had a "1" on it) that I thought was meant for Jason. About $4 later, Jason had an Elmo doll :) Mommy was so proud b/c she is the one that actually won it, but it was a joint effort to get it in the right position! We then made a souveneir penny that had a carousel horse on it and went home.

Now, since it's his 1st b'day, I thought I would treat him with some special food today. At lunch I made him a scrambled egg (b/c whenever daddy or I are eating an egg he makes it clear that he wants some!). Well, he was doing good with it, I had it in a bowl and he was picking up the pieces of egg and eating it. Then Uncle Doug came in to say he was leaving (he's building a front porch, woo-hoo!) and I walked him out. When I came back in, there was egg all over the dining room and he was chewing on the bowl. Mommy cannot walk out of the room while Jason is eating. This will be my mantra from this point on. After dinner, it was time for his b'day cupcake! What else, but an Elmo cupcake from Muellers. We put a candle in it and sang happy b'day to him (he really was not so impressed). Then I put the cupcake on his tray, and he just bashed it around the tray. Finally I picked it up and kind of smooshed a litte in his face so he would taste the icing, and it was all done from there! He was loving the icing, never even made it down to the cupcake!

After a much needed bath, some play time and a bedtime story, he crashed. And now, mommy wants to as well!

It was a good day, one I will treasure forever.


Anonymous said...

Jason is beautiful. It looks like he had a special first birthday!!
Amys first son, Jeff, is going to college in August. Time passes so quickly. Enjoy every moment.
We are always glad to see your pictures.
Betty & Steve Racz

Mrs. Hillman said...

YAY! Happy birthday Jason.

Anonymous said...

Greta's mommy said....
Happy Birthday Jason! You look so handsome and have brought so much happiness to your mom & dad's life! We miss you birthday boy!
Tyler, Eleanor & Greta